Astana Graves
Astana Graves

This burial site, dated back to the 3rd century, is close to the ancient city of Gaochang. Although investigated by European archaeologists around the century, the bodies in the graves were not removed. Currently, there are only three graves open. Therefore, the entire visit only takes 15 minutes. Because of centuries of dry air, the silk wrappings on the corpses and even the food buried with them have survived in fine fettle. Wall murals depict the pleasures of family life and the beauties of nature, particularly of birds. Among the 10,000 relics excavated at Astana is a pair of woven linen shoes and a fossilized jiaozi (steamed dumplings) which is used to argue whether Marco Polo found or introduced spaghetti to China. Both specimens date from the Tang Dynasty.




Hours: 8:00—17:00
Admission: RMB 20/P.P.
Add: Sanbao Village, Turpan